Edge of Dreams by Tribalanza

A new release from Tribalanza on  Perplex Music together with the Berlin’s duo Boot Slap

We hereby start a new VA series, in which four artists with different electronic music styles come together. From energetic frequencies to thoughtful melodies. This VA offers a mixture of different approaches for the musical creation process through new and familiar faces. Edge of Dreams is the title of the new track from the Tuscan band Tribalanza. Massive!

Tribalanza Short bio:

A name that recalls an ancestral origin, such as that of the tribe. The union of men and women around the rhythm. But this musical union, although initially spiritual, is a physical and concrete one. With a clear objective. The search for a new style without compromise. The continuous exchange of ideas between different generations. A project that was born in the fracture that we live today between those who experienced dance music in the 80s and 90s and those who had to reinterpret it starting from the 2000s.

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