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When rhythm is like geometry

Tânia Filipa is a very recognizable graphic designer from Lisbon, Portugal. The work of self-taught Portuguese artist Tânia Filipa embodies an abstract vision. Her project is running since March 2013 and she has worked with a variety of clientage, from start-up labels to “big” labels and clients. The visual project is immensely connected to electronic music influence. The main influence present in all projects is minimal art. Simple, objective and catchy. Her approach is very striking and bold creating a beautiful outcome that combines an extremely strong and formal reduction in the use of neutral colors based products. Lines, circles, triangles, and squares it’s always part of the process, the beauty on simple elements it’s what she stands for.

01. How did your artistic career as a graphic designer begin?

My artistic career began around 2011/2012. The interest in Graphic Design was something that grew up naturally by seeing the work of others at the time, in my home country Portugal (for me it made no sense the Art that was being associated with certain projects).

refresh tania filipa
Tania Filipa for Refresh

The first projects I did were only meant to be shared with friends and to try to give them a different perspective of what could be done in a matter of Art – Music relationship. The feedback at the time was insanely good, I was not expecting it at all. I just started by doing some very basic stuff on Photoshop and later on, I started using Illustrator and Corel Draw to really create my own original pieces of artwork.

I must say this all happened because of a dear friend called Diego Ortiz, who encourage me to take things to the next level and to get more serious about what I was creating… That I could actually have a future with the Art I was creating in the Electronic Music scene. I wasn’t as positive as he was I must admit, however, I gave it a try in early 2013, choose a name for the project, launched a website, started contacting some labels, and it has been growing ever since! I’m very happy with my achievements so far and I hope to keep contributing more and more with my Art in the Electronic Music world.

02. What are your main sources of inspiration?

My work as a graphic designer is mainly inspired by… Myself. My thoughts, the way I like to see things. It’s very simple, minimalistic and abstract, I love neutral colors, I love small text, I love to keep it consistent… But the key element is of course… Music! When I’m working, I’m always listening to music, discovering new artists, listening to something related to the project who hired me… It all started because of Electronic Music, so it is the key element! Of course, there are also a lot of Designers that have done exquisite projects that also inspire me like Network Osaka; Ray Sison a.k.a SkilledConcept and Ross Gunter.

03. As an artist what is your maximum aspiration?

My maximum aspiration is to always work with people who understand the message that I’m trying to pass. People that love my Art and that trust me completely when it comes to finalizing a project that they requested. It’s very important for me to be surrounded by people who make me comfortable, and that does not pressure me by confining my creative process. People who see the same beauty in Abstract Art as I do. So, basically as long as I get to do what I love, with people who love to see and also connect themselves with what I, I can say that I’m fulfilled.

Tania Filipa
Tania Filipa for Alex Harmony
04. Is there a characterizing message related to your work?

Yes for sure, the message behind my work as a graphic designer is that less is more! You can always see more and understand more with less to look at. My work is done around simplicity and what can be achieved by… Personally I think the more Info you put on a Flyer, for example, the fewer people actually see what that Flyer is trying to transmit you. So it’s always good to keep things at a level where it’s harmonious. For me, nothing else makes more sense than something Minimalistic and full of Geometry!

05. What does underground mean to you?

Well… Lately, it seems to be such an “ordinary” word, people who have no clue about how it all began, what it stands for, or even when it began, say that they are underground, that they “live” for the underground. Unfortunately, it seems to be like a plague nowadays, it’s more of a status than a movement for the majority. However for me, it stands for roots, I love to watch documentaries about it, about how it expanded, how it all started… Underground for me right now, means not a crowded place, not a trendy DJ and people around me that I have never seen before in my life, just dancing…

Thank you Tania!

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